Liquid Damaged Laptops: What To Do

So you just knocked your favorite beverage over onto your laptop. Instinctively, your first reaction may be to immediately attempt to turn the computer on, to ensure that it still works, right? And most times, shortly following the liquid encounter, you would be right. Several hours later, the computer abruptly turns off, and won’t power back on. What happened? Why did it work previously?

There are a handful of things that we can do following liquid contact with a computer. Just to note: performing these steps certainly doesn’t guarantee success, factors such as the amount and type of liquid play an important role. To minimize the chances of serious damage or complete failure, start by turning the laptop off. After  the machine is powered down, you will need to remove the battery, if accessible. At this point, for most people I would recommend simply leaving the device alone for several days, in an attempt to allow the liquid to dry completely before attempting to power the device on.

Where most people falter in this situation is immediately trying to use the computer. This is where the most damage occurs as the liquid can cause short circuiting where it has come into contact with the components in the computer. Our primary objective is to remove power sources to minimize the chances of this happening.

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